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They say I must go with them. They insist my survival requires leaving home. But who knows if they’ll survive me... Harwell’s shrew.

     My name is Annibeth Petters. Nobody wants to hear my story, and I get it. My crimes are stacking up. I betrayed Vale's grandmother without pause. I manipulate others for my gain. I keep my boyfriend in line by using his father. And those are just the things I’ll admit to without a fight.

     But I might surprise you. I'm not as heartless as I seem. I'm not as calculating as I pretend to be. I have fears and dreams. And though I’m unkind, it's not entirely my fault. Because I was instructed from a young age to act this way, targeting specific citizens for adoration or censure.

     Besides, I think I've earned some sympathy after the day I've had. It's well-known Lord Endrack wants our story keepers and the dead scientist’s relatives, but now I learn he wants me too. And the only thing to do about it is hide.

     The issue is, hiding is not in my nature. Especially when those capable of providing concealment are the ones who hate me the most. It may be best to take my chances with Lord Endrack. But one thing is certain. The time has come for a reckoning, and I just may be the one start it.

Or maybe I’ll get lucky and not only

start the reckoning… but finish it.

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Book Two

The Dark Series

I’m one of Harwell’s resident witches, but mystic ability didn’t earn me the title. It was superstition and hate.


My name is Tesha Dale. The unusual circumstances of my birth, along with my mother’s strange behavior, are enough to blame the Dales for every grim community event, but I’m ever hopeful my good deeds can change our reputation.

Instead, suspicions increase after Captain Malum’s arrival, especially upon learning I’m one of Harwell’s hunted, though not for the reasons our leaders believe. My family conceals old secrets—mysterious, valuable, and shocking—which powerful people want to exploit. And I possess more than one rare ability, which are as helpful as they are dangerous.

Just as I begin to accept what these discoveries mean for my future, my mother betrays our community, and it's up to me and my two water-and-oil companions to confront the problems she’s making for Harwell.

Can I stop my mother... protect her from herself and the disaster she’s willingly put into motion? Can I set things right... help my friends, and maybe, finally, change my community’s opinion of the Dales?

The only way to find out is by going deep into the heart of the Dark.


Book One
The Dark Series

My grandmother is gone.

I watched her walk into the Dark, and those who enter that place are never seen or heard from again.

   My name is Vale Rennick, and I’ve lived all of my eighteen years in a tiny communityy of three thousand people surrounded by the Dark.

    We know little about the Dark but have experience with the requirements it sets, like how minimal space and limited resources necessitate our eldest citizen to enter the Dark upon the birth of a new baby. The fate of the departed, like the origin of the Dark, is a mystery.

    My family keeps the community’s history, and Gran, our most seasoned story keeper, is the latest to walk. But on her Departure Day, she gives my father the last of her stories. Information I hope will reveal the secrets of the Dark, end the departures, and reunite me with Gran. Information he refuses to give me.

    But amid smothered hopes, the impossible happens. Three strangers emerge from the Dark, desperate for my help, demanding my secrecy, and opening an entire world of possibilities. They are the key to getting answers. If only the strangers would abandon their pesky set of rules.

And their most frustrating rule of all?

Not to tell me anything.

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